What’s on at Melbourne’s Media and Marketing Summit

The event is set to be held in Melbourne CBD on the 2nd of August and is the first Media and Marketing Summit in Victoria, which follows on from the Sydney event in May, with a line up of new topics and world renowned speakers, the focus of the summit is designed to make media and marketing make more sense. The summit will hold speakers of companies such as Universal Music, ANZ Bank, Lenovo and of course, Holden General Motors to name a few of the big brands in attendance. Also at the Melbourne Media and Marketing Summit will be:

Keynote: Redefining Holden

The keynote on redefining Holden will be presented by the director of marketing for the company, Mark Harland. The Australian born automobile brand is on the cusp of a phenomenal shift and Harland will delve into why the brand isn’t going to rely solely on TVCs and conventional marketing approaches, but will innovate to reflect the fact that Holden’s vehicles are more technologically advanced and safer than ever before. He’ll discuss the brand’s moves into ride-sharing technology and ways it is seeking to revolutionise the car buying experience and become business leaders in the motor industry.

Finding success in collapse

It takes a courageous marketer to acknowledge failure. But, those failures — whether it be likely failures, creative failures, or effort failures — will result in incredible learning experiences. We hear from some of those men and women who haven’t reached all their goals, and receive some business coaching in the form of a special insight into how failure changed their tactics and strategies forever.

Mark Ritson’s Nine Circles of Digital Hell

Described by an attendee in the Sydney Media and Marketing Summit as one of the best presentations they have ever seen, Professor Mark Ritson provides a finely tuned adventure through the electronic inferno.

 Brand Building in a Digital World

Has new brand building efforts been sacrificed in the name of electronic tactics? Are entrepreneurs overly worried about push messaging, rather than pulling from the hearts and minds of consumers? How is a brand cultivated and grown in a digital environment; what would be the best examples, and what could be learned from them?

 The New Face of Agencies

Whose game is it anyway? When a creative service can become a media service, a media service is a digital store, and manufacturer becomes a publisher nothing is black and white. With these blurred lines, it is tough to recall that the important thing is the outcome. How are agencies and customers reshaping what they do to provide superior outcomes and relationships – and what is working? A small business coaching program will be run to assess how we can raise revenue while maintaining and developing relationships with consumers.

Health and Wellbeing Session

The health and wellbeing presentation will be presented by Tonic Media. Most of us know that people are crucial to business success and excellent marketing, but it is getting ever more difficult to balance life in the fast-paced media world. In this well-being ‘psych-up’ session Matthew Johnstone, ambassador of Tonic Health Media, he will teach you stress management techniques for working in a busy media environment and help you and your teams build strength, find balance and develop mindfulness.


The Melbourne Media and Marketing Summit will run on the 2nd of August in the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, at the heart of Federation Square. You can purchase tickets now.

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