Marketing for a Women’s Shoe Store

Large companies dominate the shoe manufacturing company with brands that are recognised mainly geared towards athletic footwear and obviously, women’s shoes such as women’s high heels. Nonetheless, these companies focus their national efforts on design and wholesale of footwear when completing most manufacturing efforts overseas. To penetrate this market as a small business owner, you’ll have to be innovative in your design choices and formulate a good set of marketing strategies to achieve a competitive advantage over the online shoes market. Depending upon your advertising budget, there are many techniques you can use to promote your goods and a lot of these are relatively cheap but very powerful.

Develop an Internet presence and conduct surveys

Develop a well-designed site to display the several types of shoes that your business manufactures. Include a functional e-commerce shop, complete with a shopping cart, which takes various payment methods. Prospective customers have the flexibility to browse your women’s shoes online in their own time, solitude and comfort and determine what suits their style and budget. Entice your customers with special deals and promotions, and answer their frequently asked questions. Create additional promotional opportunities by encouraging opinions and collecting customer testimonials — either by follow-up email or on your site about their shopping experience along with your goods.

Hold a fashion show

Hosting a fashion show will create awareness about your shoe line. Hold your show at a time and place convenient to your prospective customers, either in your store, a hotel functions hall or community hall. Focus your theme on women’s shoes because, normally, families spend more on apparel designed for women aged 16 and over than any other apparel product. Seek the involvement of individuals that are integral to your marketing strategy, such as neighbourhood fashionistas and journalists to get the word out after the show. If the event is successful, you can elect to hold ordinary shows in other large markets.

Incentive Programs

Start an incentive program that gives discounts or gifts of your discretion to encourage current customers to refer their colleagues to purchase your goods. You may inform your customers about the referral program after each purchase, though you may prompt inactive clients by steadily communicating via postal mail or email, taking care not to overwhelm them. This strategy makes your customer base a sales force. Therefore, be sure that you thank them within 24 hours of receiving the referral. Track referrals, especially the ones that earn rewards. Consider using online monitoring if your referrals are web-based. Word of Mouth (WOM) remains among the most effective marketing tools on the market, capitalise on it!

Get Social

Leverage your existence on social networks to allow yourself access to an inexpensive, direct marketing platform to promote your shoe line and reach a potentially varied customer base. Your social networking presence is a more relaxed environment, and visitors are more inclined to get in contact with your products at a personal level rather than perceive your company as only marketing items available. Offer information that your readers will find valuable and interesting by integrating web page content with images and videos associated with your products, like an article on how to create women’s pumps feel comfortable. This can generate quality online links that read, share and talk about your shoes with their specific audiences, forcing repeat business and attracting new customers.

Sponsor Contests

People like winning competitions and things present such opportunities. Go beyond classic advertisements and sponsor contests to draw attention to some products. As a strategy, the point is to promote your brand and place your name and logo before the people rather than make money using a hard-sell campaign. By way of example, you might offer to host a neighbourhood soccer game or sports event for students, and give money and gift cards redeemable for buying women’s sneakers online as prizes. Set up highly visible poster displays that promote your goods throughout the event.

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