Five reasons your store needs glass showcasing

Often seen in retail shops, museums and antique stores, glass showcases take the crown when it comes to displaying products and priceless items. These glass display cases come in a countertop designs, like what you’d find in a jewellery store, as well freestanding fittings like you see in museums. When deciding on glass installation it’s important to select a model that is best going to let your product shine.

You may already be thinking that a showcase glass screen is a great idea, but below are some benefits you may not have yet considered.

  • Showcase glass looks the part: Display glass may vary from a simple glass front to a casing where every side is made of glass, thus allowing customers to view the display from every angle. Both are elegant ways to display your store’s more expensive or breakable goods, and it is a contained space for improved organisation. Additionally, with the strategic light positioning, your exhibited products will pop and catch the attention of shoppers.
  • You can get creative: your business creativity isn’t confined to arranging items in glass showcases. Improve your business’s interior appearance by including unique display case measurements and eye-catching angles which work best with your store’s layout. Does one display case look out of place in a specific spot? Locate a new place for it! Move it over and see how it appears somewhere else, or hire a professional for customised glass installation to help.
  • An extra security measure: A big benefit of enclosed glass cases is protecting against theft and damage. Like jewellery business and museum settings, you can equip screen cases with locks and alarm systems for extra security. In jewellery shops, the sole access point to displayed jewellery is from the back, where only workers are permitted to go; it is setup like this for a reason. And museums rightfully lock up irreplaceable pieces behind display glass screens to be out of the range of touchy hands.
  • It is durable: Professionally made display showcases are manufactured to hold substantial weights. So, while many glass screens seem classy and fragile, their strong construction attracts business owners looking for new ways to display their products to customer. Whether you’ve got a large product showroom or a little corner at the mall your business can benefit from investing in durable glass display cases.
  • Comes in several sizes: Want an all-glass sided case for showing several smaller things, or have a new huge museum display which must stay behind glass? From long screen cases for jewellery pieces to unique showcases for museums, you’ll be delighted to know you can select from many different glass case sizes. Look for custom-made showcase glass for items with an unusual size or shape.

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