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Marketing for Businesses in the Health Industry

Every company needs to come up with some sort of digital plan, but some fields are more suited than others for digital marketing. You’d be shocked when these companies are doing great when it comes to digital marketing.
 Legal (law firms)
 Healthcare
 Automotive
 Entertainment
 Food and beverages

Let us talk about digital marketing in the healthcare industry. Most of us have grown accustomed to seeing healthcare marketing one through banners, radio ads and testimonials in newspapers, television, and organized health camps by hospitals and clinics. However, times are changing. There is a huge change in terms of online presence and digital marketing in the healthcare sector. Searching for medical information is becoming the 3rd most popular online chore.

All those data can be used to do marketing online. Nowadays, people used the web to find businesses and service providers but also to check for solutions regarding their problems. Digital marketing includes mobile marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and many other channels. Digital marketing is inexpensive and is an effective way of marketing compared to traditional methods, the healthcare industry can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity.

Digital marketing trends in the healthcare industry to watch for in 2018
Both the “who” and “how” of marketing in the healthcare industry are being affected. Hence, there has been a movement in the part of practitioners, physicians, and breast surgeons as decision-makers. These are the most relevant digital marketing trends for the year of 2018. Every marketer in the healthcare industry should check these trends while coming up with a plan for marketing.

1. Transforming roles of self-employed doctors as paid employees
Way back, healthcare professionals were proud to hang their signboards outside their offices. However, gradually, this profession has changed. Now, doctors are okay becoming employees, especially those in breast reduction surgery. Physicians and practitioners are actually okay with working as employees at corporate hospitals. They get a hefty salary rather than risking their financial security by opening their own clinic. On the other hand, hospitals that have invested in infrastructure are at an advantage as well. When they have front-line doctors and specialists under their wing, they can provide more cost-efficient and coordinated care for patients. When doctors are employees, they lose their decision-making ability for medical services and products. Hence, these hospitals need to look for options on how to market their services online. Also, these hospitals are in a rush to employ good physicians. This is a factor that affects the need for an online presence.

2. Consumers/patients are now avid researchers
How many of the drugs you bought online are prescribed by your physician? Almost everyone does this. And, there’s nothing wrong with it. A whopping 84% of patients use offline and online sources for hospital search and 44% of these patients book an appointment with doctors on a mobile device. It is not because patient’s don’t fully trust their doctors but they don’t blindly start getting medication until they are convinced. They like to do their own research on the symptoms, prescribed medication, available ipl treatments, available hospitals, and the time it takes to get a cured. This awareness towards the health sector makes digital marketing a must have for service providers like clinics and hospitals.

3. Targeted marketing of healthcare industry
As mentioned earlier, it is all about “who” and “how”; whom to market it and how to market rather than what you need to market. There are several audiences to reach in the healthcare industry. Target market could be divided into patients, practitioners, clinics, hospitals, and similar others. Once the “who” is identified, it boils down to “how” you do the digital marketing. A huge number of healthcare consumers rely on the internet for information, same with physicians and healthcare professionals, which check medical studies and latest updates online as well.

4. Growing importance of digital channels over traditional marketing
Almost all the industry sectors, even skin doctors, have joined forces with digital marketing to be on top of SERPs. The healthcare industry is no slouch here. According to a study, the greatest advancement for biotech, medical, diagnostics and pharmaceutical device marketing budget is present in digital marketing material, mobile apps, and social media. Consumer marketing plans are changing to digital marketing ads, mobile apps, and social media. Hence, this change geared towards digital marketing in the healthcare industry is not a surprise. The global healthcare industry is developing and growing at a fruitful rate where digital content plays a huge role. The healthcare industry is adapting towards digital marketing really fast. They use digital marketing strategies and use many tools to make a huge impact globally and in their local area. A well-thought of digital strategy can easily drive organic traffic towards the healthcare industry.

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