Building a Brand for your Hotel

Assembling a solid and new brand for your resort is actually no different to establishing great relationships with individuals on a private level. Should you bore them or lie to them, you are likely to lose friends very fast.

Obviously, it will get far more complex than this (as all of us know) but by being engaging, constant, accurate, and exciting a resort brand can make a beneficial and lasting impression.

The end goal of building a solid hotel brand is the immediate affinity and familiarity with travellers when they listen to your resort’s name. You need them to not just readily remember your picture and logo but also get a direct sense of what type of environment resembles in your resort and the expertise they could expect to have. If you want to associate your hotel as a boutique hotel, than you need to make sure that the features and type of branding fits boutique.

In this guide, we take a look at the top-rated hotels new in the world, as voted for by travellers, as well as the approaches you can utilize to reinforce the individuality of your resort enterprise.

Six Senses Survey: The Ideal hotel brand in the world

Each year the Travel + Leisure magazine does a poll on over 300,000 respondents to weigh in on traveling experiences around the world. The book boasts 950,000 monthly in subscribers and continues to be considered the top travel authority since hitting the news stands at 1937. From the ‘World’s Best Brands’ poll, readers rate resort brands in their places, rooms and amenities, service, food, and total value.

In 2017, Six Senses hotels, hotels, and spas came out on the top, followed closely by the Oetker Collection and Auberge Resorts.

Six Senses was set up in 1995 and has built a reputation of producing a feeling of wellness and sustainability. All these items are top-of-mind for contemporary travellers and if guests stay at a Six Senses land they could engage in:

  • Wellness screenings
  • Sleep and nourishment optimisation
  • Link with neighborhood environment
  • Energy efficacy
  • Sustainable waste management
  • Charity initiatives

This is also to some lavish five-star knowledge in beautiful locations like the Maldives, Fiji, and the Seychelles.  An outcome like this does not happen overnight. Let us look at some approaches Six Senses have probably employed you may utilize to make a popular and purposeful brand for your guests.

Brand construction suggestion #1

Produce a solid story for your hotel.

What is your resort’s narrative? It is a matter we find most intriguing and one we often want replied. Getting it right straight off is vital so that you must understand just what good storytelling is and why it functions. Storytelling works. Studies have discovered individuals are developed for tales. They result in some better understanding, confidence, receptivity, and much more. Contrary to statistics and facts, a narrative engages both the mind and the entire body, eliciting emotional reactions, which individuals are more strongly drawn to.

Produce a narrative for your resort that touches on your background, your worth, and your devotion to guests. Do it nicely and travellers are more inclined to feel a relationship with you, and adopt the start of what’s hopefully a very long relationship with your brand new.

For example the Marriott has committed itself to producing a diverse wealth of articles since 2014. Thus Far, Marriott’s content studio has generated:

  • An Internet travel magazine known as ‘Marriott Traveler’
  • TV shows
  • Virtual reality encounters
  • Short movies
  • Shareable social websites articles
  • Real life, customer-centric Advertising opportunities

The evidence is in the pudding; in the initial 90 days Marriott’s internet magazine drove over 7,000 reservations.

Brand construction suggestion #2

Your guests are the brand

The type of brand that you need to be must be directly associated with the sort of guest that you would like to target and bring to your resort. Research what your intended guest sections need and allow your findings to trickle into each brand action you undertake. If you are aiming for luxury waterfront accommodation, then it will not appeal to those looking for a country escape so targeting them would not be effective.

It is essential to be consistent and authentic. Clients aren’t stupid, so that they’ll immediately realise if you are trying to fool them when you cannot deliver on promises.

Again, exactly like any relationship, trust is crucial. It takes some time to construct so your heritage has to be supplying a fantastic guest encounter every time somebody stays with your own brand. From that point, joyful visitors will become new ambassadors of their own free will, dispersing recommendations through word-of-mouth, user-generated content, and online reviews.

Brand construction suggestion #3

Have a holistic strategy

This is the area where consistency gets really important. Your resort’s brand ‘picture’ must be mirrored at everything associated with your business such as:

  • Title and logo
  • Typography
  • Stationery
  • Marketing actions
  • Social networking and some other articles you provide to the people

Everything is dependent upon how you want travellers to view you. If you would like to get recognized as a relaxed, calm, coastal escape by way of instance, you want to market this in all substance and likely require a less formal way of content.

Tips For Photographing Interiors

It doesn’t matter if you want to create a career out of photography for commercial real estate listings or simply just want to dabble and know the basics – learning how to photograph interiors is a great skill to master. Through the many techniques you can research online, novices and professionals alike can acquire new tips for photographing interiors. These tips aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but they can definitely help anyone up their ante on the game of photography.

Good Lighting Should Be Your Friend

Just like in wedding photos, finding the best light is the most important thing in making your interior photography stand out. The purpose of your photo shoot is to highlight the room. It’s crucial to find the best lighting that suits your goals. Balancing the light is the key; there shouldn’t be more shadows than bright spaces and vice versa. But don’t forget to play around with it as well.


Natural lighting is ideal when shooting spaces inside your home. Professionals even go for the “golden hour” – early morning or late afternoon. However, if you’re shooting on a particularly gloomy day and there is no possible way you can reschedule it, you can make use of the lighting fixtures that are accessible to you at the moment. Turning on lamps or firing up the fireplace can help make the room look brighter and homier.

Buy A Trusty Tripod

No matter how perfect your location is or how many hours you’ve spent staging your interiors, getting a blurry image can make all your efforts worthless. In order to make sure that your photos turn out sharp and crisp, buy a trusty tripod. You don’t have to be embarrassed in admitting that you have shaky hands. In fact, this device is used by even the world’s best wedding photographer.


It can act as your camera’s stand as well as its stabilizing platform. With the help of a tripod, you can produce more decent interior photos than with lifting the camera with your bare hands. It also lets you play around with your angles and explore more perspectives. Plus, your hands will thank you for it!

Don’t Forget To Have Fun!

Being successful at interior photography may require you to take certain factors to take into consideration. You may be looking forward to impressing a client or wanting to sell the photos to a commercial property sales company. But whatever your purpose is for going into this craft, the important thing is that you are enjoying the art and having fun!

When you really think about it, there are absolutely no rules in photography. When it comes to capturing interiors, it’s always a good idea to incorporate some of your quirky yet unique ideas to brand it as your own. You can get creative with the staging of your house or highlight the pieces of furniture that you think is what gives the space its character. Experimenting is good and creativity is highly recommended.


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